About WABW

wabwaboutgrafixWe Are Black Women.

Those four words are plain and simple, deliberate and honest, and they pack in them all of who we are. With no apologies. No adornment. Just us.

That’s what this site is, too. Us as black women. Us writing about us. Us loving us. Us disagreeing. Us sharing. Us in photos. Us quoted. Us thriving. Us proud. Us not being ignored.

We Are Black Women is a global network of blogs for and about black women. We are geared toward women over the age of 40, eclectic in our tastes and style and eager to sample all that is possible. Here, we can see our faces at work and play, enjoying life and not bemoaning who we are. We have so much to praise, and We Are Black Women puts us at center stage. We aim to show the beauty that is within us.

This blog network was created by Sherry Howard and Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb, both former journalists and writers who worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Post, respectively. Sherry blogs about auctions (Auction Finds … and the stories behind them), and Yvonne blogs about faith (Soul Rhythms). Our other two bloggers are Fatimah Ali, who blogs about living well (Healthy Southern Comforts), and Mae Israel, who blogs about the Sandwich Generation, of which she is a member (Juggling Act). 

We Are Black Women will bring you other blogs on a mix of subjects. We are not monolithic and our interests are varied, and we do have our own perspective. We will write about things that no one else has written about us. What’s new? What’s different?  What’s practical?

Our bloggers will put a different spin on the ordinary. To make us think, ponder, act. To make us mad, excited and inspired.

It’s all about us.

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