WABW Tech Camp
  • WABW Tech Camp, Sat., Oct. 23 in Phila.
  • WABW Tech Camp – Sponsorship Opportunities
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    Excerpts from WABW Tech Camp sessions

    The WABW Tech Camp offered three sessions designed to help women become more acquainted with technology. The camp – held Saturday, Oct. 23, 2o1o, in Philadelphia – was sponsored by We Are Black Women and Digital Delta Media.

    Here are excerpts from the sessions:


    Before getting started, choose your passion or subject matter, whether it’s a hobby, politics, community events, healthy living or restaurant reviews.        

    Choose a purpose for the blog: Why do you want to blog? What do you want to convey?      

    Register your own name as a domain name in case you want to start a business or other enterprise of your own someday. The cost is minimal per year and you can do this through Blue Host, GoDaddy or any other hosting company.      

    Register the name of your blog. You can do the same through the host companies.      

    Choose a platform for your blog, using the free blogger.com or wordpress.com (or another, such as Tumblr). If you’re more advanced, try WordPress.org that gives you more control over your site.      

    Create your blog on the platform you choose. Be consistent and blog often.      

    An alternative: If writing a blog isn’t your style, consider Blog Talk Radio and create your own online radio show.   

    Free Stuff Online (the Safe and Legal Way)

    Free (and low cost) photos and illustrations:  

    . Be aware of the restrictions on how photos can be used.


    Video and animation tools & tips:

    Windows Movie Maker
    iMovie for Macs
    Animoto (for video and photo slideshows produced by them)      

    Free (and low-cost audio tools):      

    Audacity.sourceforge.net (for recording)      

    Software search:      

    Cnet’s Download.com     

    Social Media Branding:      

    How to use Facebook:      

    Use your home page for lead generation

    Research prospects based on name and picture

    70% of all facebook users look at pictures

    Quote – “Facebook says more than 3 billion photos are being uploaded every month.”

    Connect with friends of friends

    Respond to other interesting posts

    Accept all “friends” (someone else’s) requests

    Be consistent

    Create a “fan” page

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