A Tribute to Our Mothers

We Are Black Women offer our appreciation to all of our mothers in this lovely poem. Enjoy.

©1993 Paula Cole Jones

How can we pay tribute to the beauty and significance of Mothers?
This is an expression of our reverence and
appreciation for you, while recognizing that words are
barely adequate for the task.

Through Mothers, the “Miracle of Life” is revealed.
Their bodies house the elements for “new life”
And they silently bear witness to this miracle
As they patiently await our arrival.

Through Mothers we learn our value as human beings.
Their eyes and souls are the mirrors we look into
And we see our reflections long before we have the meanings
of words
As they give birth to us day after day,
leading us on a discovery of who we are in this world.

Through Mothers we learn history and culture.
Their memories are the halls of knowledge
And they shape for us the foundations to stand on,
As they transmit to us the lessons from the past.

Through mothers the seeds of consciousness are planted.
Their voice is often the one we hear as we listen inwardly
And the words remind us…
“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say
anything at all.”
“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
“Treat others the way you’d want to be treated.”

Through Mothers we learn how to be in the future.
Their actions become demonstrations and a frame of reference
And we watch them take on life
As they enter events in time that we have yet to face.

Our Mothers wrap us in a blanket of love and support.
And if the job is done well, we will be able to wrap the
blanket for ourselves when we need it, or to wrap it around someone
else when they are in need.

And we know that Mothers do not stand alone, they’ve stood beside
our fathers, and on the shoulders of mothers and fathers who have
preceded them.
So to you Mothers and also to you Fathers,
Your children’s contribution to life, their fulfillment of
potential and talents, their commitments, their love, their
greatness, and their humanness
Is indeed our tribute to you.

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