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Sherry HowardAuction Finds … and the stories behind them

Sherry Howard writes about the special things she finds – photos, books, letters, sewing items, cameras – and the things she doesn’t find at the auctions she attends.  She is a former reporter, assigning editor and web editor, last at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Come Explore with Me

Jennifer Beaumont writes about travel, whether a long vacation or a weekend trip. She’s always looking for that moment of discovery where she can learn something new and different about this vast world of ours. She is a native of Jamaica, born in a  town called Amity about an hour’s drive from Negril.

Fatimah AliHealthy Southern Comforts 

Fatimah Ali writes about living a well-balanced life. She’s a freelance columnist and writer for the Philadelphia Daily News, a former radio personality and a gourmand who cooks with natural ingredients.

Mae IsraelJuggling Act

Mae Israel writes about the Sandwich Generation, of which she is a member. She has a teenage daughter and a senior mother who both need her attention. She is a former reporter and editor, last at  The Washington Post.

yvonnepix8495Soul Rhythms

Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb writes about the calm and chaotic states of being regarding faith and how to gain strength from our faith journeys.  She is a  former editor and training director at The Washington Post. She is active in her church and leader of its women’s ministry, and she is part of an international prayer ministry.

Taking On Life

Ella Haynes-Hooks writes about learning how to take on life’s challenges without them taking hold of you. She tries to take all of the little and big issues in stride. She has been a journalist for 35 years, loves to travel, read, listen to jazz and play cards – especially spades.


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