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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We will protect your personal and private information to the maximum extent possible. This Privacy Policy applies to all of your dealings with the We Are Black Women Network, both online and offline. Your registration on the network indicates that you agree with the policy.

What We Collect
When you register on the We Are Black Women Network, we collect personal information from you, including your name, e-mail address, street address and zip code, gender, income level and date of birth. We may only disclose this information when we deem it necessary to protect our interests as well as the interests of you and our other users.

We also automatically collect web-usage information, including your IP address, page views and other online traffic information, and your usage history. Your information may be used in combination with other users’ information to determine who visits the site and how they use it to help us in adding upgrades or enhanced features to the site. Aggregated user information may also be used to sell advertising on the site. No personal information is automatically captured in this process.

We work very hard to protect your personal information to the maximum extent possible. Please realize that given the openness of the internet, no information is totally secure. Posting of any information and content on the site is done entirely at your own risk.

How We Use the Information
We will not disclose or sell your personal information without your consent. We may use some of the information (including your name, email address and street address) to communicate with you, to gauge your opinion on upgrades to the site, to contact you for participation in surveys and for other such circumstances to better serve you. For promotion and advertising purposes, we may use aggregated demographic information (combining the zip code, gender, income and age of all users without disclosing identifiable personal information) with other users to provide customized advertising to you and to establish our readership. We will not provide advertisers with your personal information without your permission.

We may disclose your information in response to court or legal orders or to defend against legal claims. We also may disclose your personal information to protect us against illegal activities, including but not limited to fraud, plagiarism, libel, among others.

Privacy of children
Children under 13 cannot register for the site. We do not collect or solicit personal information from children under 13. If we find out that they have registered, we will delete their information. If you know of any child under 13 who has registered, please contact the We Are Black Women Network. We can only take at face value what users represent as their age. 

Editing and Updating Your Account
You may view, update or edit your account at any time by logging onto the We Are Black Women Network and accessing your account.

Terminating Your Account
You may terminate your account at any time by logging onto the We Are Black Women Network and accessing your account. You may also email us asking to be removed. Your contact information, however, may remain archived in our database even after being deleted.

We provide cookies – small pieces of data about your visit that is stored on your computer – that helps recognize you when you return to the site, offering you a better and easier Web experience. The cookie allows us to provide you with more personalized services. The cookies do not store personal information. Please be aware that cookies are not entirely secure on the web.

Updates and Changes to site
The We Are Black Women reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time. If so, we will notify you by email.

Contact Us
If you have questions about this policy, please email the We Are Black Women Network at wabw at weareblackwomen.com or use our Contact Us page.

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